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A-Frame Menu Chalkboard
Wall Menu Board Signs
Sidewalk Easel

 Wood Framed Restaurant Chalkboard

Indoor/outdoor restaurant chalkboard signs with wood frames from $30. Low prices on menu chalkboards, A-frame sidewalk signs, wall chalkboard menu boards & easels. Perfect for advertising sales or daily specials!

Wood A-Frame Double Sided Chalkboard - Dry & Liquid Chalk

Palm Tree Menu A-Frame Sign
Palm A-Frame
Chalkboard 39x18


A-Frame Sidewalk Sign
Sidewalk Menu

Board 30x24


Chalk A-Frame Pavement Sign
A-Frame Menu
Chalkboard 39x18


Chalkboard Folding A-Frame 46x24
A-Frame Sidewalk
Chalkboard 46x24


Menu chalkboard signs for restaurants use dry chalk or liquid chalk. Write messages on chalkboard sandwich board signs to reach and greet customers.  Writes on smoothly, erases cleanly. Art & customizations appear on both sides.


Add your name or specific message on chalkboards showing banners.  

Get noticed! Double sided chalkboards clearly call customers to enter. Fantastic sidewalk sign displays outside storefronts.

Double Sided Chalkboard Sidewalk Signs

Brass chains give these sidewalk A-frame signs a nostalgic classy appearance. These special touches help make our design one-of-a-kind.


Color Chart Finishes

Ice Cream Folding Chalkboard Easel
Ice Cream Menu
Chalkboard 39x18

Coffee Menu Board Chalkboard Sign
Coffee Chalk

Board Sign 39x18

Restaurant Chalkboard Framed Menu Board
A-Frame Sidewalk
Sign 30x24

Weekly Menu Chalkboard Signs
Double Chalkboard
Menu Board 39x24

Framed Sidewalk Chalkboard A-Frame
Custom Double
Chalkboard 46x24

Cupcake Chalkboard Wood Frame
Cupcake Easel
Chalkboard 39x18

Pizza Double Sided Blackboard
Pizza A-Frame

Chalk Menu 39x18

Wood Chalkboard Sidewalk A-frame Board
Palm Tree Menu

Chalkboard 39x24

Ice Cream Restaurant Sandwich Boards
Ice Cream Double

Sided 39x24

Chalk Chalkboard Menu A-frame Sign
Custom A-Frame

Sign 39x18

Chalkboard Sidewalk Display Easel
Fern A-Frame
Double 39x18

A-Frame Outdoor Chalkboard Sign
A-Frame Double

Custom 39x24


Framed chalkboard menus for restaurants are perfect for advertising menu specials or sharing discounts and daily deals.

Hangers attached
Wood frames
Dry chalk or liquid chalk
No assembly
chalk writing

Restaurant chalkboards with wood frames from Sprague Designs are ready to hang. No assembly required on any of our products.

Mini & Tabletop Chalkboards

Add your name!  Custom banners adjust for fitting the amount of specified characters.

chalk board signs
Blue Shabby Finish

Need a large framed chalkboard? Try our largest hanging menu board. Measuring 46x35, it offers enough room to list the longest number of items!
Wood Chalkboard Menu Board Wall Mounted
Palm Framed Blackboard
Palm Tree Menu Board 35x24
Chalkboard Menu Board 35x24
Menu Board 35x24

Large Framed Chalkboard Wood Menu Board
Large Chalkboard 46x35
Large Menu Board 46x24
Wall Menu Chalkboard 46x24
Painted Chalkboard Menu Board
Chalkboard 27x18

Ice-Cream Framed Menu Blackboard
Ice Cream Wall Menu 35x24

Pizza Slice Chalkboard Menu Sign
Pizza Menu Board 35x24
Restaurant Chalkboard Hanging Menu Board
Menu Board 35x18

Blackboard Erase Menu Board
Custom Chalkboard 35x24

Hanging Wood Blackboard 46x35
Fern Menu Chalkboard 46x35

Cupcake Wall Menu Chalkboards
Cupcake Menu 35x24

Coffee Chalkboard Menu Board 35x24
Coffee Wall Menu 35x24

Custom Wood Menu Boards
Custom Chalkboard 46x24

Black Chalkboard Menu Board 27x27
Chalk Menu 27x27

Pub Menu Chalkboard Black Board
Beer Menu Board 35x24


Standing framed chalkboard easels for sale from $45. Many frame choices. Place restaurant easels in windows, entry ways or sidewalks to attract guests with today's menu specials.
Single Chalkboard
Sidewalk Chalkboard Easel
Wood Menu Chalkboard Easel 39x18
39x18 Easel Menu

Sidewalk Restaurant Chalkboard 
39x18 Cake Easel
Restaurant Style Chalkboards Wood Framed 
39x18 Palm Easel

IceCream Outdoor Sidewalk Easel 
39x18 Ice Cream Easel

Pizza Chalkboard Easel Menu Board
Pizza Easel 39x18

Customized Chalkboard Menu Board 
Custom 39x18

Decorative  Restaurant Standingl Chalkboard 
Fern Easel 39x18

Coffee Restaurant Chalkboard Easel
39x18 Coffee Easel

Mini Chalkboards
These little chalkboards have wood stands, great for pricing items in your store, inside glass display cases, seating placements or name tags at dinner or meetings.

Call Sprague Designs for custom sizes.
 Tabletop Chalkboards & Mini
Table Chalkboard Standing Sign 7x9
7x9 Tabletop
Tabletop 8x11
8x11 Tabletop
Tabletop Chalkboard & Stand 5x7
5x7 Mini

Mini Chalkboards 3x4

3x4 Mini Chalkboard


Why Buy a Restaurant Chalkboard from Us?

We offer a great selection of unique restaurant chalkboard signs, A-frame sandwich boards, easels and wall menu chalkboards for displaying specials. Built with quality construction at affordable pricing we provide classic framed chalkboards for restaurants, lively pubs to fine dining establishments. Suitable for indoor outdoor locations, these restaurant chalkboard menu signs use traditional school chalk or liquid chalk markers. Solid wood frames are constructed the old fashioned way to securely, neatly hold black writing surfaces in place creating a stable user-friendly product lasting many years. Blackboard menus for restaurants and pubs are handsome display signs for attracting public interest. Simply erase chalk writing to wipe the slate clean when a new message display is required.  Frame options include exterior painted finishes in solids, shabby and wood stains. What is shabby? Shabby is our wildly popular handcrafted blackboard frame finish involving paint removal by sanding for rustic, antiqued weathered appearances lending looks of yesteryear. This chic distressed style blends beautifully with sleek upscale decors to primitive decorating motifs, creating fantastic chalkboard signs for restaurants, storefront, cafe or classroom settings.

Ideal Uses for Restaurant Chalkboards

Framed chalkboard menu boards for restaurants have a mile-long list of uses. The food industry, downtown nightclubs and retail stores purchase the largest majority of erasable chalkboard pavement signs and wall mounted menu boards to grab public attention. Ideally, a restaurant chalkboard displays daily-weekly specials, sales and events such as live entertainment, karaoke night, happy-hours and grand openings. Restaurants and bars can sway people to patronize their business using a sandwich board with attractive, funny or informative messages written in bold chalk. Delis, bakeries and diners often display items with prices on large black boards behind counters to easily be read by customers waiting to place orders.

It's easy for retail shops to push discounted products with sidewalk menu chalkboards with compelling hand written advertisements. Messages are quickly seen at a distance alerting potential customers of store closeouts and discounted merchandise. These signs frequently appear near entrances or just outside storefronts. Handwritten chalk lettering on a standing sidewalk blackboard easel is an excellent way to display menu specials. Easily portable, restaurant chalkboard signs have long been a favorite means of advertising.

Wedding planners use chalkboard menu signs for showcasing names of bride and groom or direct guests while homeschoolers find these beneficial teaching aides.  Smaller menu boards are used in home kitchens for jotting down memo notes or grocery lists.

Tabletop frameless chalkboard models with wood stands, perfectly display tasty treats by serving as dessert or snack labels. Mini versions create easy-to-write-on and erase assigned seating markers, product identfiers and price tags.

Wood Framed Chalkboard Menu for Restaurants 

Numerous choices are offered when buying large restaurant chalkboards. Frame options include double sided  A-frame chalkboard signs, single easels and wall mounted styles.

Outdoor chalkboard display menus with wooden frame lets users sketch drawings and erase chalkboard signs with ease. Write colorful messages with chalk sticks or liquid chalks. Sprague Designs A-frame menus have identical blackboards hinged on top with functional chains positioned near bottoms simulating a sandwich board effect. Chalk notes can be prominently shown on twin blackboard surfaces simultaneously. These two-sided folding chalkboards attract interest from multiple directions with bright words clearly viewable by approaching patrons. Display culinary delights or deep discounts! Sidewalk chalkboards provide an ageless approach for attracting fresh buyers, luring them inside with enticing sayings highlighted in artful eye popping chalk. Double sided restaurant chalkboard easels like these frequent times appear in food service locales, organizational meetings, wedding ceremonies, private functions, being favorites of hotel, cafe and classrooms. Menu chalkboards have dramatically increased in popularity and are the fastest, easiest way to summon onlookers. Curious heads always turn to read handwriting crafted with artistic flair using boxed chalk sticks or brilliant chalk marking pens on smartly positioned restaurant chalkboards.  Sprague Designs wood framed sandwich boards make alluring outdoor displays with curb appeal and weigh 16 pounds up. We recommend these mobile A-frame pavement signs for reaching hesitant shoppers needing a little extra enticement patronizing stores. Our erasable menu boards are available in different sizes offering interesting assortments of creative food and beverage themes sure to adequately fill ever changing advertisement requirements.

Single sided chalkboard easels for restaurants are fairly inexpensive while earning pleasing results for money conscious entrepreneurs. Wood framed standing blackboards support an adjustable hinged leg on backside enabling the vertical displays to stand freely, folding flat for quick storage. Easel chalkboards are commonly used by restaurants desiring to advertise diverse menus, happy-hour libations, breakfast buffet or house specialties written in erasable chalk.

Wall style restaurant blackboard menu boards are smart choices for hanging in cafe walls in thoughtfully placed locations to provide consumer information or favorite dining menus. These hanging black boards fashionably utilize existing wall spaces. Preinstalled hardware hooks provide simple mounting with no-assembly-required upon opening package. Wall mountable chalkboards are easily readable distantly without taking up floor footage and work well for exhibits located near check out counters for reaching cafe-goers. Uniquely changeable visual effects are achieved when purchasing a matching series of black board frames hung in a symmetrical row.  Limited space issues? Our sturdy chalkboard frames suspend from ceilings creating extra advertising areas for crowded cafes, bakeries and bistros. Larger framed restaurant chalkboards may be preferred for fast paced delis, coffeehouses, bakery, lounge or swinging taverns requiring maximum writing space capabilities. Custom name or personal slogan banners assuredly gives savvy proprietors a competitive edge.

Put charming table top menu chalkboards to task directly at tables, booths, display case arrangements and countertops as imaginative place cards, product label pricing, item tags. Mini tabletop chalk boards have natural wood stands that are paintable, stainable and completely removeable from bases to erase and write chalk messages. Miniature menus are favored by pastry chefs, jewelers, book nooks and gift merchandisers. These are offered in varied sizes, square and rounded tops, straight and beveled edges and custom sizes.
Which Style Menu Chalkboard is Right for My Restaurant?

Our short questionaire will help guide individuals down the right path to choosing the restaurant chalkboard sign to best fit spaces and pocket books.

1. How much are you willing to invest?
2. Where do you plan to use your chalkboard restaurant sign?
3. What size space is available? Measure to ensure the new sign will fit the designated spot.
4. Note your color scheme.
5. Do you want two way traffic, one directional, behind counter or wall signage?

Answering these simple questions will make the selection process easier leaving more time to focus on your growing business.  Need writing ideas?  Read our how-to article  chalk writing techniques for helping tips.

Display messages written with stick chalk or liquid markers on these wet erase dry erase boards. Blackboard surfaces have similar looks of traditional chalkboard slate. Erase chalkboard surface area clean with a damp rag or felt eraser as needed.

Start increasing sales with quality made cost effective menu chalkboards from Sprague Designs,  manufacturer of restaurant chalkboard signs supplying food establishments and retailers across the nation. We take pride in our work and look forward to your business. Call or order online today.


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